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PCB  Design Courses  and Tutorials

We offer courses on PCB design and soon we will offer prototyping and the PCB design services, our course Design With KiCad is live on Udemy, it is a course that took few month of work for the best experience in sound and video quality, once market as Highest rated and Bestseller we can still offer free coupons until quantity lasts, please email us for that.

We are also proud that our engineer has a patent pending application. 

Please check our two courses on Udemy:

1- Design with KiCad:

2- Color Management and Reproduction in Digital Printing( just published):

3- Color Management and Reproduction in Digital Printing.

This is the Video course in a printed or e-Book format on amazon:

Please contact us on the email below for more details.

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Milton, Ontario, Canada

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